Friday, April 22, 2011

Granny Car

Well, 2011 has not been great to us so far. The computer went ka-put, the dishwasher went ka-put, and we have had water in the basement twice. Nothing too terribly overwhelming, but stinky nonetheless! It is only April.

Of course, with everything that has gone wrong so far, there has been an equal amount of awesome moments too. We have been so blessed because everything that went wrong ended up working out for the better. Plus, our daughter is actually getting her two front teeth finally at almost twenty months old - those are some answered prayers folks! :)

But . . . this week . . . NOT our week, really. My car has been acting up and having some issues, and we made the call this week to put it in the shop and get this so-stinkin'-close-to-being-paid-off car back into tip-top shape. While it's in there, I get to roll around in this little beauty of a loaner car:

I am not one to worry about my image or what kind of car I drive, but even I laughed out loud when I saw this car. When it comes to cars in general, mainly I just need something that will 1.) get me from here to there, 2.) suits our needs as a family, and 3.) is economical. This car fits the bill! (Although I have no idea what a 1995 Buick LeSabre gets in gas mileage . . . )

So if you see me rollin' down the street this weekend, honk, wave, and get a little chuckle. I will be laughing too because so far everything crappy this year has been turned into something good! (Maybe this car is a Transformer?!) :)

Until next time . . .

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