Saturday, April 23, 2011

Basement Renovation - IT BEGINS!

Most of you know this already, but this year something new and different is happening in our lives. We are welcoming the addition of at least one new person to this house - and, NO - I am not pregnant again!! (At least, not yet.) Cory's younger sister Kelsey, who is celebrating her 18th brithday today (Happy Birthday!), is going to be moving into our basement while she goes to school at SIUE for a Nursing degree.

Now, if you have even been in our basement right now you are probably feeling very sorry for Kelsey. Our basement is unfinished, has no bathroom, and is barely suitable for Nora and the kids I baby-sit for to play in without bundling them up in sweatshirts and slippers. Not to mention the fact that it has flooded twice since we moved in! But, all of that is changing . . .

This, my friends, is the first of the basement renovations! WOO HOO! We have worked out a deal with Cory's parents, and a contractor friend of ours has been working this month to build a room for Kelsey to live in (it actually has walls now - these pictures are slightly old.) There will be a bathroom in the future as well, but things are just starting to get moving.

It's pretty exciting! :) Cory and I are happy to have our "new addition" coming to live here in the fall, and happy to have help with finishing our basement. I will post progress on the room as it comes along. Pretty cool, right? :)

Until next time . . .

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jen said...

Something I've been wanting to do as well! Keep me updated on costs, any problems, etc if you're willing and hopefully this winter we'll be right behind you! :)