Friday, August 30, 2013

Gray's 10-Month Update

I dare you not to love this face. What a lil (drooly) cutie! Ready for a photo bomb? Here we go:

So, Gray is ten months now! He's all over the place. He's giving five, babbling up a storm, and basically being the cutest little boy you have ever seen. He has a FANTASTIC attitude, even when he's tired. He pulls up on everything, and is finding his balance already.

He crawls very fast - toward anything with wheels! His focus is remarkable for a child his age, and he gives the best kisses (until he's done, in which case, he smacks you away).

He recently outgrew his walker, and is in the process of outgrowing his exersaucer (he currently hates to be in it!) He spends his days crawling around the living room or his room. He likes to play downstairs in the playroom, or go outside and "plank walk" around on the concrete.

He continues to love water, and will SPLASH and SPLASH every time he is in it! He constantly tries to put his face forward in the water, or crawl out of the bathtub (much to mommy's dismay!) Swimming and bath time are always fun with Grayson.

His favorite toys this month are his trains and cars. He will crawl up to them, flip them over, play with the wheels for 20 minutes or so. Then he flips them back over and pushes them around while cocking his head to the side so he can watch the wheels turn. :) It's so amazing to watch him push the cars around!!

Food-wise, he continues to be unique. :) He eats and eats and eats!! He likes Ritz crackers with hummus and pears a lot. He's not really a fan of mac-n-cheese or chicken, but he will DEVOUR cheese ravioli. He will try anything once. We are testing him out with different types of food, and he seems to love things that are garlicky. He does well with eating table food for someone who doesn't have any teeth!

Yep, no teeth. Just like sis at this age. :) He drinks very well out of straw cups and sippy cups though. Next month I am pretty sure there will be no more bottles in this house.

Gray is a good kid who loves to play. We're totally blessed. :)

Before you go, check out his 9-month photos from my cousin Heidi Clark:

Until next time . . .

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