Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gray 9 Month Update

It's going by too fast! I cannot take it! Just thinking that he's 9 months old already kills me.

This cutie pie smile also just kills me, for the record!

Gray's still eating like a champ. He's not too picky, which is a new and different experience for me! He doesn't love chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, or watermelon; but he does like crackers with garlicky hummus, scrambled eggs with onion, bagels with cream cheese, and anything with ranch dressing. He's starting to suck through a straw so he's able to down those food pouches quickly! He's drinking once or twice per day from a straw cup, but still gets bottles in the morning and night. Mostly he feeds himself, but he doesn't like to hold his own cup, although he has started to try.

He continues to sleep well also. He takes two naps a day, but every so often will take three still. He's awesome because if he falls asleep in the car, I can move him to his crib and he almost always goes back to sleep! YES!! He's taken a few naps here and there in a stroller as well if we are out and about, since he no longer fits in his infant car seat. (We bit the bullet and got Nora a new seat and moved Gray to her old one.) At night I don't generally hear from him at all - he goes to sleep and wakes up around 6:30-7:30 every day. It's great!

The kids loves to play! This is a photo of him with his "baby". He gives baby kisses, and talks and coos at it. He waved bye-bye once this month (although I haven't gotten him to do it again!) Crawling has opened up a whole new world to him - although at first he was still kind of "stuck". He didn't like to crawl on our laminate flooring AT ALL, so he would crawl across the carpet, get to the laminate, try to crawl on it, get frustrated, and cry at me until I came to move him! What a goober! Anyway, he still doesn't love to crawl on it, but he's gotten less frustrated. He tries to crawl on his hands and feet, which is pretty comical. ;)

Gray is in that stage of crawling where mom or dad can "lose" him if we are not paying too close attention! He loves to sneak into Nora's room, and is delighted when I let him be in there for awhile.

He's gotten much better at walking in his walker this month. He used to think that the only real way to go was BACKWARD, and to go forward he would hop! Recently he's "walking" forward, and steering his walker around like a pro. He loves it when we take him to a park with some kind of hard surface and just let him go wherever he wants.

This month was a doctor visit month, and Gray weighed in at 22 pounds and 10 ounces! His height is 29.5 inches. He's growing beautifully, so no issues at the doctor - although he did get his Hep B vaccine. (Side note: Have I mentioned how much I love our pediatrician? She's so on top of things. I feel so blessed to have her in our lives!)

That's the "basics of the baby" for this month! ;) Until next time . . .

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