Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gray 8 Month Update

8 Months Old, folks! ;)

This post is a little late because I had to get my photos in order. It's hard having two adorable kids and a camera! ;) Anyway, Grayson had a great seventh month. He's growing so fast it's hard to keep up!! This month wasn't a doctor visit month, so I will just say that I moved him to size FOUR diapers, and he's wearing 12 month clothes still. Sheesh. He's also jabbering a bit. His word of choice this past month was "ob".

Eating-wise, he continued on with momma's homemade baby food. He likes a vegetable or fruit mixed with oatmeal and formula. He eats a LOT! And he's also kind of picky already. He loves Cheerios and is content to just eat those all day long. He's been working on a cup - we started with a normal sippy cup with handles, but then he learned to suck, so we are now trying a straw cup. He's doing great! He's also trying table foods. No real favorites yet (besides the Cheerios), but he did like garlic bread and spaghetti on the first taste.

The kid is trying SO. HARD. TO. CRAWL. It kills me. I have been in denial, but this month he started scooting. He was going backwards, now he goes backwards and in a circle. He even rolls around in his sleep, and many times this month he slept on his stomach because he just would NOT stay on his back (even though mommy flipped him four times in one night!) He's got that frustration of a baby who just wants to move so badly and can't figure it out. But he will. SOON. For now, he just settles for getting up on all fours and rocking, or doing planks that make me kinda jealous.

Lots of outside play went on this month! Gray likes to be outside. Mostly he jumps in his sister's old Jenny Jump Up, but he plays on the ground too. He doesn't seem to mind the feeling of grass, which is definitely unlike Nora. He likes to swim and splash in our kiddie pool, and makes momma nervous as he tries to dive in headfirst. The kid loves water! We even did a baby swim class this month, and Gray had a great time.

Since he loves the water, bath time is always fun! Big sister Nora likes to "help" give brother a bath as well. Gray doesn't splash as much as he used to in the tub, but he still has a great time. He and Nora took their first bath together this past month as well.

Gray had two major "firsts" this month. We had his first tornado warning (above photo) in which he chilled on a blanket in the basement while a small tornado went in between us and the town we live nearby. It was scary, but Gray handled it well. ;) The second "first" was his first visit to our nearby beach. We went as a family and Gray did wonderfully!! He also learned to give kisses this month, which just made momma's heart melt. :)

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