Monday, January 16, 2012

. . . As A Result of Pinterest, Part 1

Are you on Pinterest? I just love it. I get so much inspiration from there that I almost can't stand it. I thought that this week I would do a little series on the things that I have tried on Pinterest that have worked out for me. Here we go!

. . . As A Result of Pinterest, Part 1

Cereal Canister Trash Can, pinned here.

This is a major confession, but any vehicle I have ever driven has always looked like a trash pile. Gum wrappers, tissues, straw wrappers, printed directions - it all adds up! We got a new van this year, and I knew that had to change. This pin has helped ME - the creator of all vehicular messes - to keep a clean van for three months now! I am so proud of myself, but I am giving credit where credit is due. This idea has been instrumental in achieving clean-van status. BONUS: The cereal canister I bought fits the little car trash bags I bought over five years ago and used only two of. :) SCORE!

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