Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nora's 1st Zoo Trip

We took Nora's first trip to the St. Louis Zoo this past Labor Day Weekend. It was packed, but the weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed ourselves. Here are some photos:

Us outside the zoo.

Nora brushing goats in the Children's Zoo:

We met up with some of our neighbors.

Then we saw a giraffe family. The daddy giraffe had his very long tongue sticking out.

Nora thought that was really cool. :)

We watched the Sea Lion Show.

Nora also watched the show for exactly this long:

Then we walked around and went in some of the houses, like the Primate House and the Herpetarium. Nora saw her "pock-a-dile" and liked watching the monkeys a LOT.

And after fighting the crowds to see the ONE elephant that the zoo had out that day, we finally rode the train! Nora was very tired by then, but she sure enjoyed herself.

Then we got some ice cream, stopped by the store, and then left for the day. This happened about 3.4 seconds minutes after we got into the car:

We got stuck in a little traffic on the way out, but then we found out why:

The Clydesdales went right in front of us! Nice end to a really cool day. Perfect weather, good fun, just a really nice day with the family and friends. :) Great trip!

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