Thursday, July 28, 2011

County Fair 2011

My hometown is where our county fair is held, which means I went to the county fair every year as a kid. As an adult I haven't been at all, but apparently it's like a rule you have to take your kid to these kind of things when they come into town. :) (Just kidding.) Anyway, Cory, my mom, and I took Nora this past week and had a really good time!

We started out by getting something to eat. It. Was. Hot. But nothing comes between me and my fair food!! I got a Lemon Shake-Up, a corndog, and a deep fried Snicker bar. YUM!!

Then we decided to take Nora on one of the free pony rides:

She was excited at first, but a little scared while up there!

But she did enjoy it! :)

We took her around to see all the horses, cows, chickens, pigeons, and even a few baby pigs. Then . . . we hit the rides!

Nora is an old pro at the cars. :)

She thought she was really driving! Too cute.

We took her on the airplane ride . . .

. . . and the boats:

Then Mommy took her on her first Carousel ride . . .

. . . and Daddy took her on her first Ferris Wheel ride! (Which was very hard to take pictures of!)

Then we played a few games, and won a toy ball, a stuffed snake, and Nora's favorite thing that she got to pick out:

A Pink "Poo-tar" (Guitar)

All in all, it was a pretty fun night at the fair! Hot, but fun. :) If you are local and looking for something to do this week, I think it runs until Saturday. Good fun for little kids!

Until next time . . .


Jadrien said...

Love the pictures! What precious times! :-)

Jadrien said...

Love the pictures! What precious times! :-)