Friday, May 31, 2013

Gray's 7 Month Update

We have a seven month old! Here's Gray's update for his seventh month.

Developmentally he's growing by leaps and bounds. Right after he turned 6 months old he started sitting up unsupported . . .

. . . which led to his first shiner a week later when he dived headfirst into Nora's train table. Really, that was his only serious fall though - every other time he fell he would do a sit-up AS he was falling and avoid hitting his head! The kid is strong and learns fast. :) He's already improved so much - I can now sit him down on the floor with no worries. As long as Nora doesn't come along and try to tickle him. ;)

He only started rolling from back-to-front recently. Most of month 6 his rolling looked like the above photo - SOOOOO close! You remember he rolled from front to back when he was ten weeks old, so it's amazing to me that it has taken him so long to figure out the other way. But he just hasn't been interested until recently. Mostly, he enjoys being on his side. When he is on his belly, he scoots just a little bit (mostly backwards!)

Eating-wise he's doing great! He's eating what I would call "stage two" foods - Cheerios, puffs, soft bananas and pears, thicker and chunkier purees, crackers, etc. He doesn't love drinking water from a cup, but occasionally he will practice for awhile and he does well for a first-timer. His pincher-grasp has really developed quickly! But it's great because he can "sort of" feed himself now. When he gets ahold of food and tries to make it in his mouth, he succeeds about 50 percent of the time. Go Gray go! (He loves it when I cheer him on.) ;)

I stopped giving him his blue blanky this month because of the above photo. He would pull it over his head and give me a heart attack when I walked into his room everyday. Sometimes at night I wait until he's sleeping and then go in and cover him with it so he stays warm. He sleeps great still: 10-12 hours per night, and three naps daily - although I think he's about ready to give up his third nap already. Maybe not, but I am willing to bet that his eight month update includes that the third nap is dropped.

He still likes to stick his tongue out all the time!

Seriously. ;)

Here's Gray playing with his cousin Benny, who is three months older. They are starting to get closer in ability and size as they get older, so that's neat. I love that they get to grow up together. ;)

This past month we had family pictures taken, and I went ahead and got Gray's 6 month photos done as well. Here are some of my favorites:

My cousin Heidi of Heidi Clark Photography took these. Aren't they awesome!!

Until next time . . .

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