Sunday, November 25, 2012


When last I updated you on the porch, only the first pour had been completed. A lot happened while I was in the hospital and while I was sleep-walking my way through Gray's first few weeks of life. ;) Since then, the sidewalk and patio have been poured, the concrete has been sealed, and posts have been put up.

Here's what it's looking like now:

Next week there will be a few things put up here and there (soffits and what-not) and then that's it for the year. It's getting too cold for anything else!! The rest of this project will be completed next spring - with the exception of house numbers, that I hope to get up here very soon. In the meantime, our front porch is finally use-able!! And that's all that really matters when you have a newborn. ;)

Until next time!!

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