Monday, November 19, 2012

Grayson's First Few Weeks Home

HOME! :)

Grayson's first week was pretty hard. He woke a lot to feed, and I felt like I was a walking zombie! Poor Nora wasn't sure what the heck was going on, and to top it all off, my milk came in which means one thing - TEARS! I have learned that my milk coming in just makes me feel like I have to cry for no reason. Ugh, it's so embarrassing!

For Grayson, life "on the outside" was a lot of sleeping and streeeeetching and eating! His signature look? Mouth open! At his two week check-up he was already up to 10 pounds, 4 ounces. So he lost an entire pound in the first few days after birth, and then gained it back, with interest! The kid loves to eat - he was in newborn clothes and diapers for about a week. He's since moved on to 0-3 month wear and size 1 diapers!

Grayson's first two weeks of sleep were typical newborn-style: awake half the night, sleeping half the day. However, a few nights ago Grayson started sleeping at night, waking every 3-4 hours to feed, and then going right back to sleep. He's even given me a few great naps to boot! So sleep-wise I really can't complain too much. He likes to sleep in his rock-n-play right now, but I am hoping I can switch him to his cradle and/or crib pretty soon. We are practicing napping in there right now, but he's not totally loving it just yet.

A few days ago he started to play a little! He loves to lay by the mirror on the floor and try to eat the legs of the lion hanging down. :) He cracks me up - he's so alert and determined to get them in his mouth. He will play for about 15 or 20 minutes at a time, then he's usually ready to eat again. ;)

Nora has adjusted to being a big sister much better in the last week or so. She loves to help change diapers and give baths, and has gotten to give Gray a few bottles too. She's not showing signs of jealousy (though she is probably feeling it), but is instead acting very proud of "her baby". She just loves to show him off - it's VERY sweet. :)

Speaking of sweet, Gray sure is! He does cry a LOT though. I am thinking he's having some tummy/gas issues, and I am hoping they will resolve themselves in the next month, with the help of lots of burping and Mylicon. However, when he's awake, fed, and not too sleepy, he's SO sweet. He likes to cuddle, and listen to people talk. He studies big sister Nora with lots of interest, and watches overhead lights and ceiling fans. He's so alert! If only we could figure out this crabbiness. ;)

Personally, I am doing pretty well. I am down about 40 pounds since Gray was born, and I am starting to get back some energy - as long as I get some decent sleep that is! I am a lot less emotional than I was with Nora at this point, so that's great. I am hanging in there alright most of the time - mostly when Cory is home and the kids are not ganging up on us. ;)

That's about it! Until next time . . .

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