Monday, February 6, 2012

New Spice Jars and a Door Sign

Hello! I apologize for not writing in awhile, my brain has been on overload - especially this past week. To make a long story short: I realized (with the help of my small group) I had not given a very specific area of my life over to God, and I have been wrestling with that. Also this past week a huge team from our church left for El Salvador, where I was last year at this time. Since I could not go this year I was so upset about it for weeks up until they left. I cried and cried about it. However, as the trip went on and we received many amazing and heartbreaking updates, I was able to be happy for all the wonderful things that were happening and accept that this year I just was not meant to go and help. (But next year! . . . )

Anyway, when I get sad I tend to pray, write, and make things. :) So here's some of the stuff I made:

New Spice Jars

Last year I made some spice jars out of large upcycled baby food jars. I. LOVED. Them! I still do. They were nice and big, and I could very easily get a measuring spoon inside. However, I did have one of my spices start to smell bad, and I wanted to use the shelves for something else. So I bought a few new jars, and got these baskets on clearance. Then I labeled the jars with vinyl cut with my Silhouette. These new ones are about as close to perfect as you can get! They are great to cook with, and I am diggin' the way they look.

New Door Sign
My doorbell is broken. More than likely I just need to replace the batteries, but I really HATE having a doorbell anyway, and I don't really want to replace them! So it remains "broken" for now. :)

Anyway, I saw this pin on Pinterest and it made me laugh because I can seriously identify. Our home may be cozy inside, but it needs a LOT of work done to the outside. Like, we haven't done a THING to the landscaping or to the outside of the house since moving in, with the exception of minor yard clean-up and upkeep. So I made my own version of it:

I did the lettering with my Silhouette, and used a board that I got not too long ago from Pick Your Plum (LOVE THAT SITE). Since it would be hanging outside, I Modge-Podged it to protect it. Then I hung it on my (dirty, needs TLC) exterior - right on the "broken" doorbell. :)

Until next time . . .

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Aisling Beatha said...

I SO need one of those door signs!