Monday, December 19, 2011

Dare to DIY Week Six (Final Week)

Dare to DIY
Dare to ... have traditions!
Everyone has traditions for the holidays. Tell us all about your favorites or start a new tradition to share.

Traditions are pretty important to me. Last year I told you about where we usually go, and about Cory's strange gift list (this year was no exception, BTW.). This year I tout I would tell you about three Nora-specific traditions.

The first one is the ornaments. When Cory was a kid, his mom bought him a Hallmark car ornament every year. When Nora was born, my MIL also started the tradition with her. Each year Nora gets a new ornament for the tree from the "Child's Age Collection". She got very excited this year about hanging her old baby ornament on the tree because the bear has a binky. :)

The second one is . . . the slumber party! Nora's second cousins have an all-girls slumber party every year at the oldest cousin's house, complete with a fashion show, movies, and junk food. Just last year Nora got to go to the party for the first time (although it will be awhile before she spends the night!) This year is no exception, and she's pretty excited! Last year she had no idea what was going on, and spent most of the time looking in the mirror at her cute little self:

The last tradition is a new one that I am starting this year. I "interviewed" Nora with some Christmas questions and wrote down her responses. I am displaying it in the house since we have company actually coming over this year:

The responses were really cute. She told me she wants a snowman for Christmas and that she wants to give gifts to baby Jesus. It will be so neat to ask her these year to year!

That's our traditions! Don't forget to check out the completed advent calendar from last week if ya missed it. ;)

Until next time . . .

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