Sunday, February 9, 2014

Grayson - 15 months!


Gray is now 15 months old. At his last doctor appointment he weighed in at 27.7 pounds, and is 32.25 inches long. He's JUST growing out of 18 month clothes as I type this. Naturally - because we only have 5 weeks or so until spring. ;) Also, he has really wide feet and there aren't a whole lot of shoes that fit him. He is really sweet and charming most of the time, unless you tell him no or try to get him to change activities. He has been cranky a lot over the past few months because he was teething. He's definitely the youngest child, and he acts like it! ;)

He has three blankets that I used to use to swaddle him with - two are pictured in these photos. I call them "The Three Musketeers" and he is VERY attached to them. This past month Gray cut his first four teeth, and carried these blankies around a LOT for comfort. He loves to just bury his face in them! He's still sleeping very well, and gave up his second nap in January when he was 14 months. This is earlier than Nora gave it up, if I recall. His transition to giving up the nap lasted three days. Seriously. This kid is a terrific sleeper! Even teething didn't mess up his sleep hardly at all. He also has been sleeping in a toddler bed at Nana and Mimi's houses, although he still sleeps in a crib at home.

His talking is progressing nicely for his age - he's not talking as much as Nora did at this age, but he is making strides. He can say "all done", "oh nooooo", and "yay" very clearly. Right now we are working on animal sounds - which he isn't too interested in, but he does like to "roar" like a dinosaur. ;) He loves to help sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" with mom. Sometimes when he and Nora are driving me nuts, I joke with them that I am going to "throw them out the window". When I say that, Nora has always said "NOOOO!", and now she has Gray saying it! If I say "Momma's gonna throw you out the window!", Gray says "No!", and then I say "OK then!" ;) Gray also is fake-sneezing all the time! Nora used to do that to make him laugh, and now he will do it too and just crack up. He can answer yes and no questions, but is really not interested in trying to copy speech all that often.

Eating he is doing well! He is kind of picky about some things, but he will try almost anything. Sometimes he will still eat broccoli, but sometimes he won't touch it. He LOVES applesauce and smoothies! Each time I make him a smoothie it takes longer for me to make it than for him to drink it. He almost always eats as much or more than his older sister.

He loves his family, and does have some stranger anxiety. When I drop him off at church he cries and cries, however the other day I took him to the child care at the gym and he did just fine. So hopefully he grows out of that. He also just loves his big sister so much! He wants to do whatever she is doing. It's adorable watching them together.

So, that's Gray at this age! What a wonderful child.

Until next time . . .

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