Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gray's First Birthday Party!

Gray's First Birthday Party was "loads" of fun! (Yuk, yuk!) We had a transportation-theme (what else?) and held it at our local fire department. The entire party itself went well! Gray wasn't in the best mood, but Nora wasn't in a great mood for her first birthday either. Gray wanted nothing to do with opening presents, but he sure enjoyed his cake! He ate a little of it, but mostly he enjoyed squishing it between his fingers. ;) There were lots of kids present, so we had lots of kid-activities going on. Nora had a great time running around and playing with all the kids, and Grayson pretty much just played on the floor by himself with a Little People Ferris Wheel - which we have had for his entire life, but he just recently discovered! ;) One of Gray's favorite gifts was this car toy from my dad and step-mom. My nephew enjoyed it a lot too! ;) It was a really fun day, and all the work to get it going was totally worth it! Happy Birthday Grayson!

The Kid-Activities: Play Doh with transportation cookie cutters, transportation coloring sheets, and paint-your-own-car

The road I designed for the party. It didn't stick to the floor at all, but it was still fun.

The cakes, made by me.
Stoplight cupcakes.

Gift table.

Cake time!

The cutest lil' cousins ever!

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