Sunday, September 29, 2013

Grayson's 11 Month Update

This handsome man is almost a year old!! Yikes. But this momma is doing alright - I haven't started crying about it at all. :) But when he starts walking . . . :) LOOK OUT! He's such a little sweetie. I mean look at that grin! TOO CUTE!!

The big news this month was that Gray got his first haircut. He did really well! Now we will see how he does next time when he has to sit in a "big boy chair" and doesn't have a TV to watch or a car to sit in. :) Also this month was Grayson's first apple-picking trip, and his first wedding.

Gray officially gave up the bottle this month. He actually probably would have done it sooner, but I was not in a hurry to buy him more cups! :) He drinks from a straw cup almost all the time, but at least once per day I have him practice with a soft nipple cup. He continues to eat really well. Mostly he will eat anything, although lately he's decided he's picky about veggies. He loves any kind of soft fruit: pears, peaches, boiled apples, mandarin oranges, etc. He's an excellent eater!

He's started to talk lately! He tries to copy what I say - his favorite thing is to try and repeat when I say "no no" or "all done". He can clearly say "ma ma", and tries to say "na na" for Nora's name. With Cory sometimes he will say "da da" or "dee dee". He's speaking really well for his age!

He's not walking yet, but he's pulling up on everything, and can stand independently for a little bit. He's taken a few "half-steps" here and there, and just tonight he walked for a bit with me while I only held one of his hands. He doesn't really like to walk though! - He's such a quick crawler that walking isn't important to him at the moment. So who knows when he will just go ahead and do it - so far he's done EVERYTHING exactly on par with his sister, and she walked right at 12 months. So we'll see! He's also dancing a little bit when he hears a song by bobbing his head up and down. It's TOO cute. :)

He continues to be obsessed with wheels! And it really doesn't matter where or what they are on - trains, cars, trucks, tractors, strollers, bikes, roller skates, rolling carts, hospital beds - you name it! If he can move it on wheels, he likes it. He likes to play outside and push around his four-wheeler while walking behind it, or try to get his sister's scooter wheels. Inside he pushes cars around the living room or up and down the hallway. Can you guess what his first birthday theme will be? :)

Behavior-wise, he's very calm. He entertains himself, and is very good. He's also very stubborn! This month he started to like books, and he LOVES to read his book "What Does Baby Feel?" over and over again. He just smiles and smiles through the whole book!! We have also been trying to teach him the word "NO", and some days he's good about listening, but other days - WHEW! He constantly tries to get into our mudroom, turn the volume up and down on our sound system, get into the dishwasher, or get into the tub/shower with Nora or I. He's definitely determined!

That's about it, I think! Gray continues to grow, and I continue to both love it and lament it! ;) He's such a blessing in my life, and I love him so much! Until next time . . .

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