Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gray's 5 Month Update

Gray is 5 months old! Hooray!

I had to show you a photo of his hair. It's falling out in odd places, and it's so funny and cute! If he's anything like his sister, that will change by the time he's 9 months or so, but for now it's the first thing everyone comments on. ;)

Gray is doing very well. He's still growing like a weed and this past month most of his 6 month clothes became too small. He now wears only some of his 6-9 month clothes, all of his 9 month clothes, and size 3 diapers. What a growing boy! I have no idea how much he weighs since we didn't go to the doctor this month, but I am guessing 18-19 pounds at least.

This month his PERSONALITY is showing through! He loves to talk and SMILE all. the. time!! He chews constantly on his toys and hands (but no teeth yet). I think he chews often to get a feel for textures that he likes. He's a really go-with-the-flow kind of kid who rarely gets riled. This past month he started to have a little stranger anxiety, but it seems to have mostly gone away already. He does like to smile and talk at people and then bury his face into mommy and act shy.

He consistently is taking three naps per day. Usually the first is really short, followed by a long 3-hour nap around lunch, and another short one at the end of the day. It's odd, but it works for him! ;) He also sleeps about 11 hours each night, straight through. He truly is an excellent night-sleeper. I haven't had to get up with him at all this month at night (*knock on wood*). Sometimes his nap schedule gets messed up, and he just goes with it - he's not one I have to worry about being RIGHT on schedule every day. That's been REALLY nice!

He continues to explore baby food this month. He is not a fan of vegetables, just like his sister. He loves pears, apples, and bananas - just like his sister! In fact, so far they both hate peaches and carrots too. *sigh* What is it like to not live with picky eaters?? Anyway, he eats a lot and will at least try anything once. He eats three times per day already, and nurses 4-5 times per day (usually just 4). He takes 6-8 ounces every time he has a bottle!! WHOA! He's also eating much faster. This next month we are going to start weaning him from the breast . . . I think. ;) I go back and forth about it. I'm not entirely ready to give it up since Grayson loves to breastfeed and I am not in a hurry to stop. So we'll see. I may wait until May. Who knows!! Right now he's so darn flexible and will take a bottle of formula or a bottle of breastmilk or breastfeed with no issues. He truly is an easy-peasy child to get along with. ;)

He loves to play on the floor and has been spending more time on his belly. He rolls easily from front to back, but isn't really interested in rolling from back to front (although he has almost done it several times.) He likes to be on his side, and moves himself at 90 degree angles on both his front and back. He's such an easy-going kid - he will play by himself on the floor for a half hour, or sit in his exersaucer and talk to me while I make dinner. He also still likes his baby rockers, so I put him in there at least once per day. When we play together he likes to lay on his side and I will lay on my side and we will "talk" to each other, or I will hold him while he practices sitting up. He recently launched a toy halfway across my living room, not for the last time I am sure! He can do baby push-ups, and is learning raspberries too. He is ticklish EVERYWHERE and it's sooo very cute - he loves to be tickled! Also he loves to kick his socks off, and he spends a great deal of his time everyday making sure they are both off. ;)

That's about it I think! He's just getting so big. Why do kids grow so darn fast?? ;)

Until next time . . .

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