Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Very Thomas (and Percy!) Valentine's Day

Nora got her ears pierced right before Christmas. She did very well considering it probably hurt a LOT! So for Valentine's Day I had told her she could have new earrings. When I asked he what kind she wanted, her response was:

"I want a Thomas the train for this ear and a Percy for this ear, because they're best friends!"

While that was a totally cute response, I wasn't stoked about trying to locate these items. The best I could find was someone on EBay was selling enameled images of both trains out of Hong Kong. Thomas the Train items aren't notoriously very feminine to begin with. (Side Note: I want to write to the company about this. Anyone have a suggestion for how to word the letter? I noticed that recently a little girl got Easy Bake Oven to make a more gender-friendly toy, why not Thomas the Train?)

Anyway, the idea was to make these earrings using earring backs, super glue, and printable Shrinky Dinks paper. It took awhile, but I was eventually able to come up with these:

They turned out a little big for Nora's little ears, but I think they will work out just fine. I am hoping they are durable enough!! I am waiting a few more weeks before I let her wear them because I want to be sure the glue I used won't irritate her hopefully-healed-up little ears in any way.

Her response was a huge smile, with eyes lit up with excitement. It took me a few days to create these earrings, but with that reaction they were TOTALLY WORTH the effort. :)

Until next time . . .

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