Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grayson's Two Month Update/Christmas

(I snapped this really quick on Christmas morning. The best present under the tree!)

Grayson is now two months old! Hooray! His next doctor appointment is not until January 3rd, so here's what I can tell you about him right now:

When he was 6 weeks old, I started using size two diapers and switched him to 3-6 month clothes. He's a big kid! He's almost 2 pounds bigger than Nora was at this age. He's also very strong. He holds his head up well, and loooooves his tummy time. He is one of the few kids I know that will calm down if he's fussy and you flip him over to his belly. He can also sit in his Bumbo seat for a short time, and support his weight briefly on his legs already. He loves to chew on his fingers and knuckles.

Personality-wise he has stopped being as cranky. He LOVES to talk! He "goos" and "gaas" and "laas" at us often! Sometimes I swear he says "hi"! He's also mastered smiling. He smiles when he sees someone he recognizes, or when you talk at him in high-pitched baby language. :) He's got a nice open-mouth smile like Nora had at his age. He's sooooo sweet, but stubborn as the day is long! When it's time to eat or sleep, you know it - he's got lungs and a temper to boot. ;)

He's a great sleeper. He takes 4-5 naps per day, and sleeps long stretches at night. Usually at night he gets 6-8 hours in for me! He can sleep and sleep - in fact, I usually have to wake him up or he won't nap during the day (which makes for a LONG day.) At night he sleeps soundly, and during the day he "crab-naps" - crabbing in his sleep. He will absolutely always fall asleep in his car seat as well, which makes planning even short trips (like the 7 minutes involved in taking Nora to school) verrrrry interesting. He's sleeping in his crib all the time, except he usually takes one nap per day in his swing, just to change it up. ;) I moved him into his crib early, and started sleep training him at about 5 weeks, so he's already a pro at sleeping in his crib, putting himself to sleep, and self-soothing. He still would rather sleep in his swing or car seat than his crib any day though. ;)

He eats a lot during the day - mostly every 2.5 hours - and I try to give him one bottle of formula or breast milk per day. He recently started spitting up, something he never really did all that much before. I am thinking it's due to my not-as-healthy holiday diet, so hopefully that improves in the New Year when I start eating healthier again. ;) The kid loves to eat, and is demanding about when it's time! He's got his schedule down! :)

He plays really well by himself on the floor (for the most part.) He likes to bat at toys while on his back, and also lay on his belly and suck on his fingers. He sits in his rocker every morning while I shower and smiles at his toys. He LOOOOVES his bath! Sometimes I give him one on days where it's not really his turn to have one because he loves it so much. He repeatedly kicks his left leg to splash and create waves in his tub - all while staring intently at Nora's kiddie shower, which has this big smiling star on it. He also sticks his tongue out to try and taste his bath water when you pour water over him. His baths are very amusing. :)

The rest of us are doing well. Nora especially had a very enjoyable Christmas season! Her attitude about Christmas cracks me up - she thinks everything is pretty and magical. She loved watching the Grinch and Rudolph, going to see Santa, and all the Christmas parties. She also got her ears pierced, which was both a fun and horrible experience for her and I. ;) My Christmas present involved my thyroid growing really big, my heart racing, and sweating a lot. Yay. Getting that taken care of this New Year! Cory enjoyed his time off, although he did go into work a few days over his break.

Here are some Christmas photos:


All the babies born on one side of my family this year.

Nora seriously enjoying her new magic kit.

Nora's school Christmas party.

The cutest cousins EVER - at my mom's house.

Nora on Christmas Eve.

Opening presents Christmas Day with Nana and Papa.

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